Leadership commitment to a self-actualization culture supports sustainability

People reach self-actualization by having needs met in a specific order

We believe that to make a difference in peoples’ lives and to help organizations achieve long-term sustainability, leaders must create a culture where employees feel that their needs are recognized, acknowleged, and nurtured.

Employees who achieve self-actualization feel fulfilled by their work and demonstrate critically needed behaviors that support organizational success, including:

  • A deeper understanding of and commitment to the company's purpose and values
  • Exercising discretionary effort that goes above and beyond to meet work objectives
  • Actively seeking challenging assignments and learning opportunities to grow

a new approach to HR

Growing a people-centered culture in alignment with Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

Growing self-actualized indviduals requires the development of cultural elements at each level of the hierarchy

About Us

Principals of connexHR

Chandra Attiken

Human Behavior and Organizational Design

Chandra is an inspiring leader with a passion for aligning and developing people to maximize their contributions to organizational performance. Her intuitive nature allows her to see the potential in people and to identify the best role to utilize their talents and aspirations.

Chandra has over 25 years of experience helping businesses meet human capital challenges, including tenure in senior leadership positions at Manville Corporation, Time Warner, and Nationwide. Chandra's background includes a Master's of Science degree in Education with a focus in Behavioral Science.

Michael Sagert

Systems and Analytics

Michael utilizes research-based methodoligies to analyze the effectiveness of people strategy and cultural components, developing systemic approaches to implement change to elevate people and culture in an organization.

Michael has over 15 years of HR and IT experience helping businesses meet human capital challenges, including tenure in training, information systems, and compensation positions. Michael's background includes a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science from Kent State University.

Interested in our approach?

We conduct free preliminary assessments for organizations to evaluate the current state of their culture on the needs hierarchy