About connexHR

Founded in 2011, conneẋHR has provided clients with a variety of mission-centered human capital consulting services in the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. We've outlined some of our most successful projects below.

Culture Alignment

conneẋHR worked with a large healthcare network to assess the state of their organizational culture and determine whether it aligned with their strategic goals. Using real-time data collecton and analytical tools, we conducted a faciliation with top leadership across the network using a custom, innovative approach derived in part from the book Culture Shift to determine the current state of their culture and the desired culture needed to reach long-term strategic objectives.

Merging Cultures

conneẋHR led the integration of two 20-member HR teams supporting different divions of a 2,500 employee government financial institution. We utilized Prosci change management methodology to identify appropriate sponsors, identify roadblocks for engagement, and prepare the teams for change. To help build teamwork, we facilitated joint planning of HR strategies with individual functional areas, culminating in the development of a comprehensive, multi-year HR strategic plan for the CHRO and a comprehensive Service Level Agreement for HR to provide to its internal customers to drive the accountability of expected deliverables.

Enhancing Engagement

Using a best practice "Engagement Levers" approach developed by the Corporate Leadership Council, conneẋHR helped an organ procurement organization in Ohio develop action plans and activities drive improvements in their employee engagement survey results. By leveraging the strengths of their mission and culture, and incorporating higher levels of leadership connectivity with the workforce, the organization achieved a 20% improvement in engagement scores over a two-year period.

Malcolm Baldrige for Healthcare

conneẋHR helped a $1B healthcare network in Ohio evaluate the effectiveness of their people functions using the Baldrige Standard of Excellence for Healthcare and co-authored the Category 5 human capital submission for the state and national levels. To address some gaps identified during the audit, conneẋHR developed a holisitic talent management model to drive recruitment, performance management, development, and succession functions across the organization.

Interested in our approach?

We conduct free preliminary assessments for organizations to evaluate the current state of their culture on the needs hierarchy